Nail Polish Remover

Gloss & Co


Okay... Call us crazy, but we are soooooo incredibly excited about our beautifully scented, water based nail polish remover. Its AH-MAZING!!  

Lordy lord, this makes a tedious task so enjoyable, you'll be tempted to change colours every day. It's so soft and gentle on nails and cuticles with no stinging or dry after-feeling whatsoever – the Aloe Vera and Vitamin E take care of that!

Perfect for mother daughter nail polish moments where you can be sure that there's no nasties and her little tiny fingernails will be cared for lovingly!

Just add to cotton wool and be wowed at the yummy perfume and the softness of this little gem. Move moistened cotton wool over your nails and cuticles and it not only removes your nail colour, it adds much needed nourishment to your nails, cuticles and your fingertips. Its acetone free and super lush for you! 

If you invest in just one new product this year? This is it! 

  • Made in Australia
  • Cruelty Free
  • Eight FREE
  • Vegan