GINGER & ME Mindfulness sessions

Created to treat more than just skin, the Mindfulness Sessions acknowledge that life is busy, people are time poor and that often there is little time left for self-love. The heart-skin connection, known in studies as the correlation between our emotional state and the state of our skin, means feelings of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and even self-worth can lead to skin inflammation, deep lines, wrinkles, dull and devitalised skin. Lay back and lean into a guided meditation that takes you on an enlightening journey and an opportunity to “choose your tude”, so that you may be the best version of yourself whilst achieving ultimate skin recovery and health.

Mindfulness facial

Includes Mindfulness guided meditation 75mins


Ginger & Me Essential Facial              

Customised to your skin type you will leave refreshed and relaxed after an hour of pure bliss

60 mins


Ginger & Me Express Facial                              

A quick pick me up, a perfect add on to a body wrap or massage. choose between a mask or facial massage



Bare roots organic facials - Resolving skin issues through results driven, organic & environmentally conscious skincare. 

Boost your skins integrity and redefine your glow with enriching facial oils, healing moisturisers, corrective serums and nourishing cleansers, suitable for all skin types and conditions

Bare Roots Organic Deluxe

The Bare Roots Organic Facial offers a unique sensory experience focusing on various facial massage techniques and pressure points to ease out any muscle tension, stagnation or waste build up. It stimulates new oxygenated blood to the skin for the ultimate lift and tone. By utilising the art of Gua Sha & Lymphatic Rolling, results can be seen & felt instantaneously

60 mins


Bare Roots Organic Express Facial   

Suited for those who may be time poor or budget conscious. It involves gentle facial steaming with enzymes, a facial massage to relieve tension and our prebiotic peel off mask to rebalance & moisturise the skin.

30 mins

Medifacials -